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Terms & Conditions of Sale

All orders that are accepted by, an e-commerce website owned and operated by Preetam Pipes Syndicate, hereinafter referred to as (PPS) are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale set out below:

1.0 General

1.00 All orders for products ("Products") will be accepted by Preetam Pipes Syndicate,(PPS) subject to these terms and conditions of sale. Any person, firm or company who places order/s for Products with PPS on its e-commerce website is described henceforth as ("Customer") and are bound by these terms and conditions. No other terms will apply to the supply of Products by PPS unless agreed in writing by an authorised signatory of PPS. PPS reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. The most recent version of these terms and conditions can be found at

1.10 Descriptions of the Products in the PPS catalogue or e-commerce website and communicated to the Customer are approximate only and shall not form any part of the contract with the Customer. PPS shall not be liable to the Customer for any errors or omissions in its catalogue or website.

2.0 Prices

2.0 The prices of Products are as set out in the e-commerce website that is current at the date of despatch of the Products. PPS reserves the right to change prices without prior notice at any time. Up-to-date prices can be found at

3.0 Taxes & Road Permits/E-Way Bills

3.0 The prices of Products set out in the e-commerce website are exclusive of GST. GST at the rate applicable will be added at the checkout page and Tax Invoice/[s] will be subsequently raised on the customer at the time of shipment of products. Soft Copies of Tax Invoice/[s] raised will be emailed to the customer with soft copies of the Lorry Receipt [L/R] or Goods Consignment Note [C/N] at the registered email address of the customer.

3.10 E-Sugam / E-Way Bill / Road Permit must be generated by the Customer, if applicable to the destination state, on receipt of soft copy of Tax Invoice/[s] immediately and emailed back to PPS. Delay/s by the customer will result in the shipment being postponed till such time the road permit is provided by the Customer

4.0 Ordering

4.0 PPS reserves the right to decline to trade with any company or person and may decline to accept any order even after the order has been placed and accepted in the e-commerce website . PPS will not substitute an ordered Product for another unless requested by the Customer. If the Customer orders the wrong Product or quantity, or duplicates orders, PPS will not be liable for the same.

4.10 If it becomes apparent to the customer that a mistake has been made while ordering on the e-commerce website, the customer must contact PPS at +91 91760 47000 or email:  within 60 minutes of Order being placed and notify the error to PPS so that the same can be rectified immediately. Difference in cost if any will either be refunded to the customer or will be collected from the customer. Once the products have been shipped, this facility of correction of Order offered to the customer will abate forthwith.

5.0 Shipment & Delivery/ Late /Non Delivery / Transit Insurance

5.0 PPS will aim to ship products on the same day for all orders received before 16.00 Hrs. Orders received after 16.00 Hrs on any working day shall be shipped on the next working day. Order/[s] will be shipped by PPS through a Third Party Carrier or Ground Transport Company or Agent either nominated by the customer in the Order Form at the e-commerce website or as chosen by PPS in best of judgment. The products will be shipped to the Customer's Shipping Address as provided by the customer in the Order Form at e-commerce website or communicated by the customer by email.

5.10 The responsibility of PPS is only to ship the products ordered and provide shipping documents to the customer. The responsibility of PPS ceases once the products are handed over to the Carriers/Transport Company/Agent for delivery to the customer and such handover of products to the Carrier/Transport Company/Agent will prima facie deemed to be delivery of products to the customer. Times and dates for shipment quoted in the e-commerce website or by PPS's employees are approximate only and PPS shall not be liable for the consequences of any delay in shipment. Time for shipment or delivery shall not be of the essence of the contract.

5.20 After shipment of the products by PPS, If delivery by the Carrier/Transport Company/Agent whether nominated by the customer or not is late or delayed or not delivered, the customer must contact the Carrier/Transport Company/Agent directly by quoting the Consignment Note/Lorry Receipt Number and follow up for early delivery. In the event the products shipped by PPS are lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen during Transit by the Carrier/Transport Company/Agent whether nominated by the customer or not, PPS will not be liable for any such event and the customer must take up the matter with the carriers and obtain carrier certificate as all the products shipped by PPS are duly insured under an Open Policy. The Carrier Certificate must be then forwarded to PPS for lodging of Claim with the Insurance Company. Under no circumstances PPS will be liable for events after the product has been handed over to the Carrier/Transport Company/Agent for delivery to the customer.

5.30 The products will be shipped out on the same day if Order is received before cut-off time and on the next working day for Orders received after cut-off time.

6.0 Inspection and Deemed Satisfaction

6.0 The Customer must inspect all Products as soon as reasonably possible after delivery and shall, within 7 days of delivery, give written notice to PPS of:

(a) Any manufacturing defect in a Product that is apparent on reasonable examination-: In this case PPS shall, at its discretion, replace the Product or refund the purchase price (See clause 8.00  for terms of warranty)

(b) Any shortfall in Quantity of Products delivered -  In this case PPS shall not be liable if the Consignment Note/ Lorry Receipt issued by the Carrier/Transport Company/Agent tallies with the Tax Invoice issued by PPS. In the event of mismatch between Qty in Tax Invoice and Consignment Note/Lorry Receipt, wherein the Consignment Note/ Lorry Receipt displays a quantity lesser than the quantity displayed in Tax Invoice, then PPS, in its own discretion shall ship the shortfall Quantity or refund the purchase price of the shortfall quantity.

(c) Any delivery of Products not in accordance with the order. In this case PPS shall, at PPS’s discretion, replace the Products or refund the purchase price subject to the Customer shipping the wrong product back to PPS. Freight is such cases of returns shall be borne by PPS.

6.10 If the Customer fails to give any such notice to PPS, the Customer will be deemed to have accepted the relevant order as being delivered in accordance with the Customer's instructions and to have accepted the Products as being free from all apparent defects.

6.20 The remedies set out above are the Customer's exclusive remedies in the circumstances described in paragraphs 6.00 (a) to (c) above. PPS shall not be liable for any other losses, damages or expenses whether consequential or otherwise.

7.0 Packing:

7.0 DI Fittings and Pipes are shipped in “Loose Condition” without any packing due to the nature of the product. PPS will not pack these products at the request of the customer even if the customer is willing to pay an extra charge towards packing.

8.0 Warranty

8.0 PPS and e-commerce website is merely a supplier and will endeavour to obtain and pass on Warranty as provided by the manufacturers of the products sold by PPS.

9.0 Cancellations and Returns

9.0 The Customer cannot cancel orders once placed on the e-commerce website with an exception as set out in Clause 4.10 supra.

9.10 The Customer may return Products to PPS for a change of mind, incorrect ordering, or incorrect product received and receive a credit or refund, on the following conditions:

  1. The Customer must contact PPS at  in advance and obtain the prior consent of PPS and obtain a returns number (to be quoted on all returned paperwork);

  2. Return must be made within 15 days of the date of delivery (as stated on the delivery documentation). Products must be returned to PPS in their original condition, unused and in a condition which will enable them to be immediately fit for re-sale.

  3. Products must be dispatched freight prepaid, clearly labelled, to the designated PPS Warehouse as communicated by PPS to the customer.  

  4. Cancellations will be accepted only if the order has not been processed from our end within 3 working days from date of Order.  

  5. Refunds will be processed through the same online mode within 7-10 working days.  

9.20 Products accepted for return will normally be credited at discount of 20% to invoice value. PPS reserves the right to apply a handling charge of upto 40% of the invoice value on a case to case basis at its own discretion. The customer will not receive payment refund for returns of products and will only be entitled to a credit voucher which can be used at the e-commerce website for future purchases.

10.0 Force Majeure

10.0 A force majeure event is any event beyond the reasonable control of PPS (including act of god, strikes, traffic congestion, the downtime of any external line, or PPS's inability to procure services, materials or articles required for the performance of the contract except at enhanced prices). If PPS is prevented or restricted from carrying out all or any of its obligations by reason of any force majeure event, then PPS shall be relieved of its obligations during the period that such event continues, and shall not be liable for any delay and/or failure in the performance of its obligations during such period. If the force majeure event continues for a period longer than 14 days, PPS may cancel the affected order or cancel the whole or any part of these terms and conditions, without any liability to the Customer.

11.0 Liability

11.0 To the extent permitted by the Indian law, PPS shall not be under any liability for damage, losses (whether direct, indirect or consequential), expenses, liabilities, injuries, loss of profits, business or economic loss, depletion of goodwill, costs (including legal costs), claims, demands, proceedings, judgments or otherwise resulting from the failure on the part of PPS to ship the products or the failure of the product itself due to incorrect installation or handling or manufacturing defect and consequently causing the product to leak,  or burst when installed. PPS is merely a supplier and all product warranties originate from the manufacturer of the product.

11.10 PPS shall not be liable for economic loss, punitive damages, loss of revenue, loss of profits or expected future business, damage to reputation or goodwill, loss of any order or contract or any consequential or indirect loss or damage, as may result from, or be connected with:

  1. Any express or implied terms of the contract between PPS and the Customer, or of any order accepted by PPS;

  2. Any duty of any kind imposed on PPS by law; or

  3. Any defect in the Products

11.20 If, notwithstanding any provisions of these terms and conditions, any liability attaches to PPS, PPS’s liability to the Customer arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions or any order whether in contract, tort or otherwise in respect of one or more of

  1. Any express or implied terms of the contract between PPS and the Customer, or of any order accepted by PPS;

  2. Any duty of any kind imposed on PPS by law; or

  3. Any defect in the Products, shall be limited in the aggregate to the invoice value of the product sold.

12.0 Privacy and Customer Information

12.0 PPS respects the privacy of Customers. The PPS privacy policy is detailed at the website “Privacy Policy”

12.10 The terms of the Privacy Policy are hereby incorporated into these conditions. Excepting if it would otherwise create or allow a breach of law, the provisions of these conditions of sale nevertheless prevail over any inconsistency between these conditions of sale and our Privacy Policy.

12.20 PPS may send to the Customer and its employees details of other products and services offered that may be of interest. If the Customer or its employees do not wish to receive details of these other offers, or wish to amend or correct their details, then they should contact the PPS marketing department by email on

12.30 The Customer consents to PPS disclosing the Customer's name to certain of PPS suppliers for market research and commission purposes.

13.0 Law and Jurisdiction

13.0 The contract between PPS and the Customer as applicable to each Customer order shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Indian law/s and the Customer submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Chennai, India but PPS may enforce the contract in any court of competent jurisdiction.